Fish & Chips…anyone???

Most resident Christchurchians will have been or heard about the newly developed area of ” his Lordships Lane” and “sol square” in the centre of town. No longer being a resident of the garden city, I was beside myself when I first ventured there!! FINALLY some exciting, outside the square interior design!!! I honestly believe that shops, bars, cafes, restaurants are the PERFECT place to experiment with outgoing and often ridiculous design ideas! Lets face it…it is exciting to go somewhere that DOESN’T feel like home…that’s the whole point! ( I am heavy on the CAPITALS tonight! ech!)
Sooooooooooo take a wee tour of the awesome restaurant slash nightspot that is The Fish & Chip Shop!
For those of you outside the bounds of my little country…fish and chips are a true kiwi classic for Saturday nights in front of the rugby or at the beach or hungover or whenever! And the concept and interior of this place is very true to all aspects of kiwiana. Kitsch…painfully so for our parents generation..but all the goodness that us twenty and thirty somethings remember…squeezy tomato sauce bottles, formica tables, square heavy tv’s, graphic wallpaper (which I LOVE!).
In fact the whole thing is brilliant. They are spreading the love nationwide…so watch out for a nostalgic social spot near you!

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2 Responses to Fish & Chips…anyone???

  1. hannah says:

    I love this Ju! Such a great idea….there is a bit of a trend in NYC with this very retro/80’s bar/restaurant design
    Keep em coming hun 🙂

  2. Swonderful says:

    OMG! (sorry I couldn’t think of a better term!) This is so brilliant, it would go down a treat in Welly. Reminds me a little of Maranui cafe…