Fit to be Tied!!!

Strangely enough, two years on, here I am blogging of wonderful kiwi jewellery label Meadowlark! They were the subject of one of my very first posts! And what is so incredibly satisfying is to celebrate with them another great collection and look back on their consistant efforts to offer us fine, precious, modern day heirlooms!
Lucky you guys…here is a sneak peak at the their brand new offerings available March!

FIT TO BE TIED-inspired by bondage, equestrian hardware and their signature vintage leaning. Lurve. The harness in the promotional image is entirely silver and made especially for the shoot…hawt with a black dress perhaps, and leather gloves??

 Join their facebook group here for sneaky updates!

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One Response to Fit to be Tied!!!

  1. Taybian Design says:

    What a gorgeous sequence of images!
    (Not to mention the jewelry!)