flight fascination

You know you have made it when you have your own wikipedia page. Oh yes. New Zealand artist, Ray Ching is one of those talented few… from the work above it is pretty obvious why!

“Ching was born in Wellington, New Zealand. Around the age of twelve he dropped out of high school and started an apprenticeship in advertising, eventually becoming an art director, but being wholly dissatisfied, he turned to painting. During his early school experience, a class visit to a museum where he chanced upon a collection of stuffed hummingbirds enthralled him with their beauty and inspired a lifelong love and fascination with birds, feathers and flight”

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2 Responses to flight fascination

  1. Newburgh Restoration says:

    Yeah wikipedia is like -wow I’ve made in to the encyclopedia, into history!

  2. Rachel says:

    I've just 'discovered' Ray Ching myself – amazing paintings, I'd love to see an original… In the meantime, I'd love to buy a print! Do you know if any exist, or where I could get one? Can't afford the $30k odd for an original!! Nice site, by the way…