Float my boat

I’ve made a quick dash to Auckland for a few days chasing up some exciting stuff for the future and my imminent relocation to the big city! Yesterday I squeezed in a quick visit with my dear friend Claire, who whisked me off for a lunch of “raw food” (eg- organic, dairy free, meat free, everything free including cooked!). Oh Yum I thought…hmmm. But my meat eating taste buds couldn’t have been more surprised at the yumminess we found at Little Bird. Give it a whirl!!

Then on the way home a park opened up and it was just meant to be that we could go for a delicious browse at Flotsam + Jetsam. It’s a store I have watched from a far (internet world) for years so I was STOKED to get to experience the bricks and mortar store. It is FULL of vintage, industrial, American junky goodness. You just wait til I move up here F + J….you just wait….


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