Fluro Friday

Gosh. If I had a spare little bit of cash under my mattress I would get one of these neon lights from Penny Farthing Design House. You can get any word you want!!

1. Amongst other lovely photography, Erin King has a talent for capturing your dear fur child at its best.

2. OOoohhh I am heading to Auckland for work next week but wish I was there for the opening of this exhibition tonight!

3.  The sweetest ceramics at Mondegreen

4. Don’t forget the amazing giveaway!! You know you want to share a story…

5. CASTLE have cast their design wand over single bedding….great for kids and those of us with small bedrooms.

6. Something a little different today. I was sharing some links with my Aunt today who is a super creative person new to the wonders of the blogisphere..and I suddenly thought I would share them with you peeps too! These are just a handful of blogs I read regulary (from all over the world) in no particular order:
* Oh Joy!
Creature Comforts
A Cup of Jo
* Design Love Fest
* {frolic!}
*  Atlantic-Pacific
* Tomboy Style
* Design for Mankind
* The Design Files

Oh there are sooooooOOOOOOooOOoooo many more….I think I might have a problem…
I hope you all have an awesome weekend. I am aiming for Friday night AT HOME which I have managed to fail at doing for weeks now! Saturday brings a vintage inspired baby shower for my friend Sarah and Sat night, Hannah and Daisy’s massive birthday bash…which I have nothing to wear…oh how I wish the lovely Johanna Johnson would sponsor me!!

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