Freebie: Munted Kowhai

The lovely talented Tiffany of Munted Kowhai is VERY kindly offering up a pair of her Knotted Earrings (those beauties above!) The Knotted Earrings are hand made and a modern re-make of chinese knotting (used for buttons back in the ancient days) in vibrant blues, raspberries and a subtle grey. Each piece is strung onto sterling silver or gold plated hooks andย  is 1.5 inches in length.

To win a pair for yourself simply visit the Munted Kowhai site then in the comments below:
*Name your favourite limited edition or one of a kind necklace.
*Tell us which colour Knotted Earrings you would prefer if you won!

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23 Responses to Freebie: Munted Kowhai

  1. Justine says:

    My favorite Limited Edition is Alphington; my favorite colour for earrings is blue : ).

  2. Alice says:


    The wee Waiting necklace is so cute… That coral colour will be so pretty for summer!
    And the Knotted earrings are super hot too, love the classic deco look of the grey ones!
    Tiffany does such a great job of the product photography too… especially with the wee collections of other bits and pieces. x Alice

  3. Mira says:

    My favourite limited edition necklace is the Little Bourke in grey – it’s so simple but still quirky and cool. I also love the bold purple Rotorua necklace.
    If I won I think I would prefer either the beautiful blue earrings or the classic grey/silver ones – such a hard choice!

  4. Ella says:

    I like the bourke cream necklace. the knotted earrings are beautiful, I like the blue the best ๐Ÿ™‚ Ella

  5. Vanille says:

    Very lovely jewellery. I like the Blinded necklace and the grey knotted earrings look so elegant…

  6. Laura says:

    I love the “Amadale” necklace it is banging! and so are the earings! i cant decide which colour i like the most, i think the blue- its stunning.
    I have kept my eye on you julia- studio home is my fav time waster/inspiration time x x will have to catch up soon x

  7. Lucy Atkinson says:

    My favorite limited edition is Armadale, but hard to choose quite a variety of one off and quirky pieces! For the Earrings the colour I would pick would be blue please


  8. SO hard to choose! They’re so lovely and unique wearable art. Love Prahan & Admiralty but I think Admiralty on Leave might be my favourite. Along with the grey knotted earrings cause it so brings out the texture. Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!


  9. nicolle says:

    oh i love the found necklace and i would love to win the grey knotted earring! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. caroline atkinson says:

    Definitely Monstrosity! although I don’t know if im brave enough to wear it in Launceston! colour for earrings is a hard one – id usually say grey but Im thinking the pink would be an great splash of colour….

  11. Alex Fulton says:

    Puff of pink got me – loooove the little bourke.

    If I won those yum-infested earings – electric blue is my fav.

    Well done on a beautiful selection.

  12. emily says:

    Loving MuntedKowhai! I have fallen for the On Time necklace and the silver knotted earings, happy birthday to me….?

  13. Chrissie says:

    Munted Kowhai looks amaaaaazing!!
    Favorite is Image of On Time! Cute!!!
    earrings, pink for sure!!!!!!
    I have my fingers crossed for the earrings!!!! thanks Studio and Munted Kowhai!!

  14. Kara Tyler says:

    My favorite Limited Edition is Alphington; my favorite colour for earrings is white. Thanks

  15. Kiera says:

    Amazing pieces of art! If I had to choose just one necklace it would have to be Admiralty – and if I had to choose just one of the knotted earrings it would have to be the gray! I sure hope Santa comes early this year!

  16. Anna Cleeve says:

    I love the “image of Admiral on Leave” necklace – classic but funky.
    In the spirit of the festive season I would love to win the raspberry earrings.

  17. Catherine A. says:

    Prahran is beautiful; I love the grey earrings.

  18. Yvonne Davila says:

    I love the Alphington necklace. My favorite color is the Blue Knot. FINGERS CROSSED!!!

  19. Katherine says:

    So much goodness to choose from…
    I really like the Little Bourkes…so dainty & simple.
    And the grey knotted earrings would just go with EVERYthing!

  20. casey bohne says:

    Gray! love

  21. Mariah Marshall says:

    The admiral on leave necklace is absolutely stunning!! I own a pair of the blue knotted earrings and they look great with all the black that i tend to wear so I’d love to make it a set with the raspberry colored ones : )

  22. Dan says:

    I like the Alphington and my favorite colour for earrings is gray, is it really gray? should I call it silver?

  23. Gee Guild says:

    I think the image of monstrosity necklace is the best. The texture and colours are great.
    My pick of the knotted earings would be the blue!