Freebie:Kelly Thompson!

So just suck it up everyone! We all know Valentines Day gets a bit of a bad rap by the cool kids with its commercialism etc etc on and on…BUT why don’t you be super awesome and throw yourself at all the love with a sexy modern slant!! NZ’s best illustrator Kelly Thompson can offer you some MAJOR kudos in terms of V Day prezzies, so go check out her store and get your girl (she will think you are awesome) or boy ( he will think you’ve flipped your lid and slid into the girlfriend of the year) one of these saucy minx prints above! But this all gets better… Go shopping and receive:
-15% off prints. Prices range from $60 – $600
– Gift vouchers can be mailed or emailed for any value you like
– A great option are post card packs with five for cards $25, new 10 packs of Chick Habit Cards for $45
– You could even organise a commission!!

*Visit Kelly’s store and tell us the name of your favourite print.

*Come back here and write it down in the comments below.

*Get a friend to enter and include your name in the comments and we will put in an extra entry for you every time your name appears.

Drawing the winner on Friday 4th of Feb.

* ANNND the winners are: Alex Kriechbaum and Brian Cooney!*

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18 Responses to Freebie:Kelly Thompson!

  1. Kylie says:

    My fave is Katie 2009..I have a beautiful red headed daughter I think she’ll look like this-absolutely gorgeous when she gets older.

  2. Sara Marlene says:

    Beautiful!! My favourite is “Lola”

  3. S says:

    Too hard to choose – illustration 2008. FOR KAREN MAGAZINE ISSUE 5.

  4. Vanille says:

    Gorgeous work, I like it all !
    My favourite illustration: 2007 Amelie for Fluro Magazine.

  5. Brian says:

    My fav is ‘Your Turn’

  6. whitney says:

    i love 2010. STAG, COMMISSIONED WORK.

  7. I love the illustrations from the 2010 New Zealand opera campaign – What a great body of work!

  8. Alice says:

    I love Bright Eyes (2010). Impossibly cute bunnies, amazing red hair and cowboy boots? It’s the stuff dreams are made of. Plus, Watership Down was my favorite book when I was little. Kelly is fabulous.

  9. Coral says:

    I also love the Its Your Turn print! fabulous 🙂

  10. Ceara says:

    I have been lusting after ‘Alex 2007’ for a while now. Trying to justify buying it for myself. So beautiful and emotive.

  11. Delyse says:

    So hard to choose! I love Lola, Susan and the Mickey Mouse ears one

  12. Too hard to choose from but 2006 Lion is defintely in my top 5 of her illustrations. That girl is talented beyond belief!

  13. Alex Kriechbaum says:

    Katie 2009… the eyes are amazing!! Loved her for ages.

  14. Meet Me at the Beach House 2010 – but Katie 2009 is a close second 😀

    I just LONG to have a close up look at these, to see all the tiny little details, they are amazing…

  15. Dan says:

    Mine is Alex 2007

  16. Sarah says:

    My fav “bright eyes” mischievous and seductive & those bunnies…sooo CUTE!

  17. Alesha says:

    The one with the bunnies and the girl on the bed – Fab!

  18. Dane says:

    Alex 2007 🙂