Friday Fizz

Wanaka at night from Mt Roy via the mystical lense of Ms Stoddart.

1.  Couldn’t help but share this new vid by Tim Pierce revealing the clever wonderful folk of my town Lake Wanaka. This one is of my great friend and photographic powerhouse, Camilla Stoddart!

2. WOW! There is no limit to the www.wonders of awesome blogger Liss Winnel (Daydream Lily!) She has just put her finger in another internet pie in the form of gooooorgeous new online store Style Milk Shop!

3.  Understated, delish stationary at Father Rabbit.

4.  Some awesome visual feasting for a Friday ( or any day…) in the pages of the Superette magazine.

5. The coolest retro blast from the past for any kids, big or small at Katydid Papergoods

6.  So if you live in NZ and have never tried Old Mout Cider then you should. Namely the boysenberry.

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