Friday freshness!

It’s been reaaallly hot here in Wanaka for the last week and my poor humungous cat is not coping! How bout THAT for a hairy chest!

1. This week was rather thrilling as our visits shot through the roof after the Material Girls post got some face time on the mega giant! We are number 36338

2.  Edgy and awesome fashion blog Angel Divine (yes. extremely biased as I built it!)

3. Just dressed up my desktop with this GORGEOUS wallpaper from blogger and artiste Natalie Perkins!

4. This is the perfect “buy your boyfriend a Christmas present that YOU really want!” type gift. He will be reminded of building model planes and you can enjoy a bit of awesome graphic kiwi art! Here at

5. I would cut off all my fingers but one just to get a King Ring from Arrowtown based Gaia Jewellery!

6. Opening the Curtains put me onto these awesome NZ and Aussie prints.

7. Having just moved from my lovely wee Nest that I have lived in for 8 months over the fence to the big strong Den – I am lusting after this amazing outdoor brolly for our picnic table!

Speaking of new flat, here are a few snap shots from tonight xo peace out.
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One Response to Friday freshness!

  1. caroline atkinson says:

    oh your new den looks fabulous! nice big yard for the ho xoxox give him a cuddle for me x