Friday fruits!

Pics above from a new travel blog “mmmmhello” by the clever Mickey Ross who designed this the new Studio Home!

1. I don’t know quite what it is about this last week but for one reason or another I have been following links all over the show leading me to fantastic new (to me) Australasian blogs! So! here are some new favourites!
-Fashion based Stolen Inspiration and  Knock you for Six
-Crafty Jazzy Two Shoes and glossy Australian based design blog Yukkiie
-Amazing foodie and photography blog At Down Under, creative wedding site Polka Dot Bride and lastly, beautifully shot day to day images from Antipodean Mom.

2. I would love a line of these planters along my verandah.

3. The Honesty Box-custom made fruit deliveries for Auckland offices!

4. Christmas decorations (or car, door handle, handbag….) for the modern gal at Seletti Boutique

5. Maybe a good prezzie for those creative mothers out there?

6. Gorgeous selection of photoblogs found by the clever peeps at nzgirl

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2 Responses to Friday fruits!

  1. Oh I’m tickled pink!!

    And I’m in good company too.

  2. Zandri says:

    Wowee, how happy am I for this mention?! Thank you ever so much. HUGE compliment coming from you!