Friday Sparkle!

Some sparkley goodness for your Friday from 74 Lime Lane.

1. I don’t normally post about press that Studio Home gets, but I was super honored to be interviewed at Finders Keepers. If you’re into blogging and at the beginning of the adventure, maybe hearing about mine might be helpful and save you some time!!

2. Lovely new little foodie blog from NZ with equally local stories to go with !

3. You can now get Kelly Thompson’s HOT ladies on a T-Shirt!!

4. Love this moody night time images over at Willow Ships

ANnnnd enjoy the extra Friday post below with some seriously styley Sydneysiders!

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One Response to Friday Sparkle!

  1. Kobie says:

    shux. thanks for the lovely comment & link to my blog. just a little bit tickled x