Friday trawling

Just one of many gorgeous images caught by Olivia of Pulse Photography

1. Reading emails from Kate Banazi generally has me snorting over my keyboard but my week as been made sooooo much better by her guest blogging over at The Design Files! Funny. Stuff. ANNNDDDD free downloadable desktop wallpaper daily!!

2. Gawd my bedroom would look AAAamazing if I had one of these lamps on either side of the bed!!

3. Wouldn’t mind a couple of these large chunky resin bangles from Milkwood

4.  Mouth watering summer food over at @downunder

5. Fashion blog Anna’s Mode is the re-birth of Fashion Rope…think this could become an addiction.

6. My very special cousin Sarah has FINALLY blessed the blogging world with her presence and incredibly styley, savvy fashion sense in the form of Miss Pursestrings Penny. This blog is simply about hunting out the more affordable (under $200) to fill the void of the unobtainable.

7.  Finally I just wanted to put it out there that we here in NZ are all sending our love and thoughts to the people of Queensland caught in the monumental flooding. xo

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