Fridays are my favourite

Typically beautiful image from one of my favourite photographers Jonas Peterson. Check out his blog post ” 2010: A year in review” to see the best of his best.

1. They almost look edible and have the most amazing colour combos! Check out these handmade bead necklaces from Emily Green.

2. I have a drawer full of them but seem to never be able to quench my thirst for scarves!! These gorgeous ones from Benah do nothing to help my obsession-annnd they are on sale!
{Thanks, but no thanks to Miss Pursestrings Penny for the temptation}

3.  If anyone out there is leaning toward a Valentines engagement or is getting married sometime on the horizan then I highly reccommend checking out the fantastic Australian based wedding blog Polka Dot Bride. BURSTING at the seams with inspiration!

4. If there is ONE thing you do today-make it this! Click through to this set of photos from Cuba Gallery. Absolutely goose bumping images from New Zealand.

5.  I always get sucked into the second hand treasure troves on Etsy but as they all seemed to be based in the States it meant that shipping would be more than the treasure itself. We are all saved! Vegas and Rose are doing it from Melbourne!

6.  I want the Lily Dress…but only if I get her hair too!

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