G.NancyI very very rarely post childrens products or clothing. Don’t get me wrong…I am a massive fan of small people, I just feel that generally it is a pretty niche kind of topic.( Eg- Kids stuff appeals to those with kids.) BUT I do know that many of you out there most definitely have some of those AND I couldn’t go past sharing these awesome campaign shots from trailblazing childrens sleepware brand, G.Nancy.
Designed, printed and made in NZ, the company have only had their online store up since April and already have stockists in New York, San Francisco, a portfolio to rave about in New Zealand not to mention a great collaboration with Father Rabbit.
It’s cool to see a young and small creative business kicking goals and doing it well!

G.Nancy G.NancyG.NancyG.Nancy

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One Response to G.Nancy

  1. mel says:

    Really gorgeous PJ’s and an awesome campaign to match. The talent here in little NZ just continues to amaze me. Mel x