Giveaway: Bëuy

Femme Sauropsida - Beuy jewelleryAustralian jewellery label; Bëuy have always done things VERY much their own way ever since their beginnings in 2011. Their new range called Femme Sauropsida is a spectacle of saturated colour and amazing sculptural shapes. As always designer Taë Schmeisser has presented an “other worldly” collection of campaign shots to fully communicate the fierce and futuristic warrior princess vibe behind her work. Amazing!

Read on for a generous giveaway and info at bottom of post.

Femme Sauropsida - Beuy jewellery Femme Sauropsida - Beuy jewellery Femme Sauropsida - Beuy jewellery Femme Sauropsida - Beuy jewellery

Bëuy have offered a reader the opportunity to choose any 3 of their designs!

WE HAVE A WINNER: Bronwyn Shanks!


– Head over and check out the new Femme Sauropsida collection and in the comments below name your three favourite items.

– For a second entry locate the “Bëuy Giveaway” promotional image on the Studio Home facebook page and tell me your three favourites in the comments below that. If you are a facebooker and love what Bëuy do then definitely throw them a “like” to stay in touch with their news.

Winner will be drawn at random after 6pm (NZ) on Thursday 17th of October. Open to international readers.
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23 Responses to Giveaway: Bëuy

  1. elissa c says:

    Cardinal necklace, spot stud earrings and diamondback brooch. just gorgeous!

  2. Sally says:

    tricky, they all are gorgeous – drop scale earrings, lora necklace & firetail earrings

  3. Grace says:

    My three favourite items are the Cardinal necklace, Lora necklace and the Diamondback brooch.

  4. Lauren says:

    Love the Spot stud earrings, kingfisher necklace and diamondback brooch

  5. Genevieve says:

    What amazing color combinations!! Favorites are the Diamondback brooch, Firetail earrings and Spot stud earrings

  6. Carmen Moyle says:

    Kingfisher earrings, Firetail earrings and the Spot stud earrings – beautiful!

  7. Nadia says:

    Hey, love the looks of the silver/green Cardinal necklace, Firefail earrings and the Drop scale earrings.

  8. Sarah John says:

    What amazing jewellery! Would love to wear the Gold Kingfisher earrings, gold Drop Scale earrings or gold studs, all our gorgeous but these are my top picks 🙂

  9. Sarah says:

    Wow, LOVE! My three faves are the Cardinal necklace, Firetail earrings and Drop scale earrings <3

  10. Sarah says:

    Wow, LOVE! My three faves are the Cardinal necklace, Firetail earrings and Drop scale earrings.

  11. Monica says:

    My favourites are the Kingfisher earrings in Gold or Fushia (can’t decide), Cardinal necklace and Firetail earrings in cobalt and fushia. Cheers!

  12. kristina says:

    I love how unique all the jewellery is. Love the drop scale earrings, Cardinal necklace and kingfisher earrings. All so amazing!!!

  13. Lynda Cotching says:

    Diamondback broach, cardinal necklace and drop scale earrings. What beautiful jewellrey.

  14. Michelle Anderson says:

    Cardinal necklace, kingfisher earings and drop scale earings. Love the colour and intensity.

  15. kylie says:

    What an awesome give-away! Such beautiful, sculptural jewellery.
    I have just had my ears pierced and I wan to get out of my ‘trainer’s so I’m choosing: Firetail in jet/bronze, Droptail in silver, and Spot Stud in jet.

  16. Maatje says:

    All great! To pick three would be the: Cardinal necklace, Firetail earrings, and Lora necklace.

  17. jane says:

    simply gorgeous. the cardinal necklace, drop scale earings and the kingfisher earings. beautiful

  18. Emmalina says:

    Beautiful collection…love the fire tail earrings, diamondback brooch and the kingfisher earrings. Gorgeous colours

  19. Renee Boyd says:

    Love the Cardinal necklace, Lora necklace and the Diamondback brooch … very cool !

  20. Bronwyn says:

    It’s all fantastic, especially the Kingfisher earrings, Diamondback brooch and Spot stud earrings. Clean lines, sumptuous colours, fabulous.

  21. Julie says:

    My favourites? Drop scale earrings, spot stud earrings and diamondback brooch.

  22. Nique says:

    I love Bëuy! Every collection is so beautifully made and unique. Like everyone above choosing only 3 is a challenge, they’re all awesome, but the Kingfisher earrings, the Firetail earrings and the Cardinal necklace are my favs!