Giveaway: Extra Curricular

Win yourself not one but TWO of the latest Extra Curricular mag! One for you, one for your friend or some awesome free and funky Christmas prezzies! It’s easy as. Simply write in the comments below or on the Studio Home FB/Twitter and let us know your favourite Aussie or Kiwi creative. They can be under cover, emerging or famous as Miranda Kerr and working or creating product, clothing, interiors, images, art (etc) that spins your wheels. This is short and SWEET peeps! We are drawing it on Wednesday the 14th.

WINNER: From the entries on the blog, FB and Twitter we gave everyone a number plugged it into and the lucky winner spat out was Michelle Henry!

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18 Responses to Giveaway: Extra Curricular

  1. Louise Stewart says:

    My fav Aussie creative is Pip Lincolne and her Meet Me At Mikes crafty blog. Thanks 🙂

  2. Keren Moran says:

    My favourite Aussie creative is Bird Textiles – so beautiful!

  3. Sarah Hosie says:

    I’ve got two… I just can’t decide, so here they are and

  4. Philippa Saxton says:

    I have a small obsession with Deadly Ponies at present, love the bags and their Hawk Ring.

  5. Shannon WN says:

    Call me biased, but my hubby is my favourite creative. He always makes me pretty things!

    When not keeping it in the family, my other fave creative people are Feather and Stone. But again, slightly biased as they did our engagement shoot…. 🙂

  6. Claire W says:

    My current fave is amazing jewellery!

  7. Sophie Kennedy says:

    I am totally loving Glenn’s Custom Tees. He’s a graphic designer who makes wicked, funny tees on the side. Check him out at – great for budget Xmas prezzies at around $20!

  8. lily says:

    my fav creative is Gabby Oconnor, she makes awesome paper sculptures and much more.

  9. Lynley says:

    My stunning daughter-in-law Abbie, Interior Design. Emerging business with a wee lull to have baby #2 early in 2012. Email address only for Abbie, at this point in time: manachap at gmail dot com

  10. Emma Pottinger says:

    my current fave is New Zealand artist Bron Alexander –
    her prints are absolutely gorgeous…i lovely love them so!! x

  11. Karey Webber says:

    My favorite NZ creative at the moment is ‘Bird in a Bunny Suit’.

  12. Nickie says:

    My favourite creator is Annie Blackberry – beautiful necklace designs.

  13. Erin Fae says:

    I have to say, my favorite Australian creative is definitely Cat Rabbit. I cant get enough of her creatures.

  14. Alisha Ophelia says:


  15. Leonie McCallum says:

    I love My Poppett especially the felt owls – so adorable 🙂

  16. Adelle says:

    Their is way too much talent in Aus and NZ to just pick one – seriously. At the moment I love Rhasdala who creates all natural body products