Giveaway: General Bags!

General BagsGeneral Bags

I am very stoked to bring you this nice pre-Christmas giveaway as we’re offering you the chance to take away your own General Bag; a product imagined up by my friend Katie. These are sturdy, limited edition recycled cotton canvas bags that are as good for a trip to the Super as a day at the beach.
So, this is going to be short and sharp and will draw the winner on Wednesday!! Please take a  a visit to the lovely General Bags website, read their story, have a snoop and come back here and tell me in the comments below:

Where in NZ are General Bags designed?
And which colour would you like? 

WINNER: Mary Lemon 🙂

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17 Responses to Giveaway: General Bags!

  1. Kylie says:

    General Bags are made in Lake Wanaka and my fave is the yellow/grey combo.

  2. Designed in Lake Wanaka.
    Green would be my choice.
    Nice fold away for storage.
    Merry Xmas!

  3. Sarah says:

    Made with love in Wanaka and mello yello

  4. Angela Beaumont says:

    General Bags are made in Wanaka and I love the Black/Mint stripe bag 🙂

  5. Melissa says:

    Made in Lake Wanaka! love the Storm/Yellow Stripe

  6. Michelle Swan says:

    Made in Lake Wanaka and the Storm/Yellow combo is my fave!!

  7. Kari Garelja says:

    Made in Lake Wanaka and I love the Storm/Yellow combo!

  8. Beautiful Wanaka ♥ Storm Yellow

  9. Mary Lemon says:

    My favourite place in the world…… WANAKA
    Love Wanaka Long Time
    My fav colour is lemon/storm
    love love love

  10. Ellie says:

    Lake Wanaka – I love the storm/yellow stripe one!

  11. Cindy Kane says:

    they are made in Lake Wanaka and I would love the black/mint please 🙂

  12. Chris says:

    Im Wanaka… black

  13. Kim says:

    Made in Wanaka – LOVE the black/mint option! As a Wanaka regular, do find the comments that bags are made in Lake Wanaka funny…

  14. Tokhuor says:

    Lake Wanaka and my pick would be Black/Mint 🙂

  15. Ck Smith says:

    Designed in Wanaka, the black/mint option of choice, please

  16. Fran says:

    Lake Wanaka – and the black/mint stripe is my favourite. Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. There’s some cleaver cookies in Wanaka!
    Wanaka – Fave colour Storm/Yellow