Giveaway: M A R K E T !

SOooooooo who want’sta win that pair of rustic and eclectic cushion covers right there above this sentence? They are from new kiwi online store M A R K E T who also stock rich textural linen cushions and kids linen aprons.  More are being added to the store soon but in the mean time, do yourself and your sofa a favour be in to win!

1. Give the M A R K E T Facebook page some “LIKE” love.

2. Swing past the Studio Home FB page (make sure you “LIKE” us too) and tell us what your couch/sofa/chair (where your new cushions might live) looks like!  Yes…this is not going to be a random selection comp, instead Tina from M A R K E T will pick the answer she loves most. Get creative in your descriptions!

Example-“My living room chairs are almost 30 years old, brown, boxy and buttoned in an 80’s style that has almost come full circle back round to kind of cool! My sister fell off one and concussed herself when she was 4 years old, I carved my name in the back with my finger nail when I was 5 and there is not a single visitor who doesn’t comment on how comfy they are.”

Annnnnd the winner as chosen by Tina from MARKET is: Marie Ataera Moore!

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3 Responses to Giveaway: M A R K E T !

  1. Caroline atkinson says:

    I love my lounge – it has an eclectic mix of second, third or fourth hand comfy chairs and couch from different era’s as well as cushions and animal skins and retro lighting but it also has an exceptionally ugly tongue shaped beanbag. The beanbag is loved by my boyfriend probably nearly as much as he loves me therefore it would be relationship suicide to rid my lovely lounge of it. I think a couple of cushions with your covers might just be the answer 🙂

  2. COUNT ME IN ! 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    My big white slouchy couch cries out for love and attention.  It is the perfect place to curl up and bask in the last of the late afternoon sunshine, book in one hand, tea in the other, but it is the cushions that really bring this couch to life and give it a personality.  It is covered in a smattering of cushions but there always seems to be room for one more….lets say a love for cushions runs in the family….between you and me I think my Mother is a cushion-a-holic….shhh we don’t want the secret to get out.