Giveaway: test tube vase!

Oh aren’t they gorgeous! Well… one for your mother, present it on the second Sunday of May and chances are you’ll be the “favourite” child for the rest of the year. The first in an amazing line up of giveaways I have planned for the next month, a big thanks needs to go to MARKET store for offering us one of these ceramic test tube handing vases to give one of you lucky readers!

Easy as.
Tell us on the comments below OR on Facebook one of your favourite Mum memories.
Tina from Market will choose her favourite story!
Comp will be drawn after 2pm on Friday 4th May.
Open to all readers!

For example: “One of my most recent ones was collecting pine cones on a beautiful autumn afternoon with my Mum at Easter. She’s an incredible capable and adventurous country women who totally put me to shame by lugging the massive sack over her shoulder. Then we walked around the countryside roads, with me skipping to keep up with her bolting pace. Love my Mum xo “

We have a winner! I have just loved these stories everyone. Thanks for taking part and maybe you might treat your mum to a hanging vase anyway xo

From Tina:

I love them all, but I can’t get past

I love that when ever I come home I find freshly picked flowers from our garden by my bed. Mum has been doing this ever since I was a little girl coming home from boarding school.

Such a simple and¬†gorgeous thing to do and the fact that she always does it – gets me!¬† I’m so going to do that for my daughter when she gets older!

Maybe Sarah can leave the vase with flowers on her mum’s bed this time…..

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11 Responses to Giveaway: test tube vase!

  1. Kelly E says:

    I remember dancing around the lounge (or sitting room as we called it back then) to Flashdance with Mum when I was around 6 years old. Even now when I hear What a Feeling I grin from ear to ear and feel like dancing around.

  2. Sarah says:

    I love that when ever I come home I find freshly picked flowers from our garden by my bed. Mum has been doing this ever since I was a little girl coming home from boarding school.

  3. Andrea says:

    I love that every time I come home for a weekend to stay with my Mumma the fridge is packed with all our favourite things…. blue cheese, gherkins, freshly baked goodies…… and a roast chicken is in the oven filling the room with a smell that manages to wrap itself around me like a comforting blanket and take you back to when I was little! My mother is just so devine- I love everything about her and all my memories of her! Thanks Studio Home for reminding me of that!

  4. My mum is the most generous woman, always giving! Most recently Guy and I had taken my parents to Akaroa to see ‘the bitches box’ and on returning home we found the whole parking area of our driveway full of firewood with a little sign in mums handwriting saying ‘please drop wood here’. We’re definitely not going cold this winter.

  5. Megan says:

    My best memory of my mum is when I was sick, and studying, and living in a grotty flat in Mt Cook my mum brought around a slow cooker of stew and gave me a ride up to the uni library to finish my assignments. It was such a simple gesture, yet so practical… Thanks mum xxx

  6. camilla says:

    I dont get to see my darling mother enough, but when I do it is always a joy. I love it how she turns up in the most unexpected places. This last time was when I was skiing in Japan (with some very cool friends!) and she turned up! It is always so hard to say goodbye (she lives in Scotland you see, and I in NZ) We said goodbye this time, and as always it was teary, but on getting back to my hotel room I found she left me a present on my bed; divine leather mittens I have been wanting for so long. I love my Mum…

  7. Sam says:

    My mum is amazing. She’s one of those women that is constantly busy, by choice, and everyone in our family knows she’s the glue that keeps everything together. My most recent memory is actually from this morning. I put my shoulder and neck out yesterday and today things were worse. I was supposed to help a family friend this morning but. I ended up phoning my mum, asking her the favour of filling in for me since I could barely move. She happily accepted and ended up coming over to my house to bring food, extra painkillers, and anti-inflammatory gel which she rubbed on. Even with her kids grown and moved out, she still does these things and takes care of us when we’re sick, even when we protest against it. I feel like I can never convey often enough or well enough how much I love and appreciate her, how amazing and beautiful she is. She’s a best friend, a parent, the most inspirational woman and person I know.

    Love you, Mama! xox

  8. Gina Peiffer says:

    My mum was the best “Pavlova” maker in the district…she would create mountains from that white fluffy stuff….is one of the things i miss the most since she’s been gone from our lives…and hearing her voice…miss that heaps.

  9. Caroline says:

    My mum is also a remarkable woman – practical, open minded, fun and adventurous – and with that comes gallons of noteworthy moments. however right now I’m traveling around Australia which, don’t get me wrong, is fantastic but I’ve got a cold which makes camping a little more trying. However it reminds me of a mystery about my mum- when I was sick (or scared) I would make tiny whimper noises in the night and mum would always hear me and come in and rescue me everytime without fail. How did she do that?

  10. In trying to think of ONE favourite Mum memory I nearly didn’t enter because I can’t find a single thing to pinpoint as she is the most giving, caring and compassionate person I know. I think ‘sams’ mum and mine should meet. My mum could be described the same. The busiest person, by choice in helping, running around and holding everyone together like glue. Our Rural home is dubbed very cliche ‘grand central station’, as many rural homes are. There is always an open door to ANYONE. Sometimes its a relative, a friend of a relative, a foreign student who would like to soak up a farming experience, or dads clients second cousins friend, it doesn’t matter…there will always be a home cooked meal, baking and a bed, a open ear and even a walk up a mountain. It is Mum’s time that she gives to so many people so willingly that makes her truly special. As we speak, she has driven 2hours to ease the driving for her 24yr old son whose farming days are so huge that coupled with chronic fatigue, means driving is a big deal. all for a 20min appointment, she would rather know he is not having to drive the extra 2hrs. Not just her children, but anyone…in the meantime she has dropped off for me and my partner while we are at work, some home baking, flowers from the garden and left a note saying, I’ve done the ironing, I hope you don’t mind. have a night off the chores. ‘Love Mum’

  11. I remember sitting on the kitchen bench when I was a toddler “helping” mum with her baking and going for long walks to pick blackberries.