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Ok team, this is a good karma, call to action hump day! Have you ever noticed the Little Lotus badge down the right hand column of the site? Well it is one damn creative and giving charity driven by one particularly good guy; Pat Shepherd. Pat is a well known photographer within the homegrown music scene in NZ, he publishes a free creative magazine based in Wellington, spins out some amazing graphic design work and he has one helluva personality always ready to help, create and give…resulting in projects that appeal to people outside of your average “charity ” movements. The ‘Little Lotus Project’ is a collaborative art project he has been working on, linking international artists with refugee children on the Thai/Burma border, which you can see from the images below is rich in colour, fun and sharing (this is also a WHOLE nother post which we will address later!)

But this post is actually about Pat’s revolutionary idea for giving in a way that is realistic and achievable for most. The One Percent Collective asks members to donate just that. 1% of their income. The project has just launched, but Pat is hoping that if he can win the AMP Scholarship, he can boost his campaign to attract members and ultimately, together, lives can be changed for the better even hopefully your own!

Please please check out the links, explore the websites (drop a follow in there on the FB pages if you are interested) and most importantly the VIDEO . Learn about the project from this clever guy and go drop him a vote so he can get some good karma and great results rolling.



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