got to view!

I know I knowwww…I have set my own rules re my non NZ/Aussie posts…BUT I had had had to tell you all about this!! I was reading cool blog a cup of Jo and found this post about a guy in New York selling priceless experiences. Like PRICELESS!! I get the feeling he is trying to raise money to put himself through uni…but the list of stuff he will do for very little or quite abit is fascinating and inspiring!
You can pay him to send you an empty envelope or take a photo of the sky in New York and send to you…right through to buying a meal and feeding a homeless person, collect sand in Okinawa, take consecutive photos of waves or read the little prince in front of the New York stock exchange.

Inspiring, innovative and reallllly appealing…I would kind of like to support his uni course as I could get the resulting artwork!

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