Brisbane + Gold Coast

I am very excited to say that my last minute efforts in organising interviews for another Fly the Coop feature have paid off!!!  Not only do I have some diverse and interesting creative kiwi’s to meet and interview, I have also been incredibly lucky to have one of my long term supporters; Mondegreen come on board as the sole sponsor of this trip.

This is a pretty big thing on my end. From the Studio Home survey there was a resounding “Yes!” when it came to sourcing more “behind the scenes” type content, but collecting this takes some time and a little funding! So to have Mondegreen make a whiplash decision in response to my down-to-the-wire planning…well… means a hell of a lot!

Mondegreen - Fly the Coop: Brisbane + Surrounds
The Wellington based Mondegreen team from left: Helen Simonson (Graphic Design), Laura Newton-King(Textile Design), Nicky Cameron (Design Director) and Liz Ting (Fashion Design)

These were their thoughts for lending their support on the Fly the Coop project: ‘As a New Zealand brand that designs and produces onshore it’s really inspiring for us to see New Zealand talent taking on the world! We love to celebrate New Zealand design and talent whether it’s here or further afield so we were very excited when Julia asked us if we wanted to sponsor her latest edition of ‘Fly the Coop’. We can’t wait to see pics and read about the creative kiwi souls she has tracked down in and around Brisbane, we hope you’ll be inspired by them too!’

mondegreenIf you haven’t yet made the “click trip” to visit these guys online, I would love it if you took the time to now. They have an awesome interesting mix of internationally sourced homewares (think Jonathon Adler and Artecnica) and their own NZ designed and made clothing range.

Stay posted for Fly the Coop: Brisbane + Gold Coast!

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