Greg Natale = interior design wizard of oz!

I am about to move office (for the second time in 2 months). This time to the back of a new design store being set up by a good friend of mine. She is the distributor for the crazy brilliant Italian design brand Seletti, so I am more than a wee bit excited about (a.) being surrounded by brilliant STUFF! all day and (b.) people thinking that my biz may in fact be as cool as the Seletti brand!! Providing that impression does in fact rub off on people.

So, this got me thinking about inspirational spaces AND they way I would like my biz and me to be perceived. One down under designer who NEVER fails to provide inspiration and wow factor is Greg Natale. I have just been on his site for the last 30 mins ogling his bold use of colour and pattern and how fantastic it all is!! Definitely worth a visit.

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