Gutsy Art

A friend told me about the sculptor Hannah Kidd...and once I tracked down her website I realised that we had both lived (at different times) in the small ski town of Methven, NZ. Not too mention I suddenly clicked that we have more than a few mutual friends! ANYWay…I have seen her work on more than one occasion and feel abit sheepish that it has taken so long to connect the dots!
Hannah is a young women who can handle a welder like a pro…bringing to life corrugated iron and steel rod fawns, rhinos, giraffes, moose and life size rabbits among other things. The scale of her work is perfect for outdoors although I would love one of her stag heads in my house. She has also dabbled in taxidermy with awesome results…check out the magpie scrabble above.
Her site is really informative and allows further insite into her past work and current home on the rugged west coast of the South Island.

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3 Responses to Gutsy Art

  1. pia says:

    wow, great blog! i am bookmarking you immediately. although this is a quick visit as i dash out the door i will be back later to have a good sticky beak!

  2. Uncle Beefy says:

    AMAZING work!!! Love the stag/deer heads…though the little fawn below is a bit heart-wrenching, I love how it illustrates a point and puts things in a new perspective. Will check out her site asap 🙂

    GREAT BLOG! Oh how I love thee!

  3. nicole lecht says:

    beautiful work, i wish i could see that baby fawn up close, i just want to cuddle it! 🙂