Hallo Aloe

I think the Aloe lights from Jeremy Cole are INSPIRED.
For all you who didn’t know…Jeremy Cole is a Kiwi!!

“Born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1973, Jeremy was introduced to the world of design from the early age of four, where he grew up in his Mother’s interior design show room. He later took on a more active role in the business until moving to London seven years ago.
Jeremy is predominantly self-taught. While in London he worked to finance the investigation of his ideas.
Jeremy’s ethos is all about complex simplicity, simple on the outside, shielding the complexity on the inside. Growing up in New Zealand, nature is very close to his heart, hence his work draws on the forms of flora, vegetables and flowers.”
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One Response to Hallo Aloe

  1. Munted kowhai says:

    Those vertical lights reminds me of earrings made out of beetle shells.