Happy Mothers day (for yesterday) MUM! xoxox

My Godmother Jane and Mum

Beautiful Mum

Mum (far right) at Amuri Ski Field.

Dad and Mum before they were married at Amuri Show

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in New Zealand and I DIDN’T call my mum. I know. Useless. But here is a little photo tribute for her. A country girl born and bred. Resourceful, determined, compassionate, realistic,talented, supportive, loving, inspiring, funny,brave, beautiful, adventurous and one of a kind. My darling Mum. xoxoxoxoxo

Mum and Caroline with their “bone guns” (looong story)

Mum and Caroline on the boat in the Marlborough Sounds
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One Response to Happy Mothers day (for yesterday) MUM! xoxox

  1. Munted kowhai says:

    your mum is Gorgeous!!