Harvest Textiles

OOhhh I have gone to post about the new additions in the Harvest Textiles store a few times but they are always sold out – so I am sorry if you go for a hunt for something you see here and it’s not available! But I wasn’t willing to hold off sharing with you anymore as I am a major fan of this set up….and they really help address my current polka dot “thing” I’ve got going on. Have an explore on your Sunday.

Harvest TextilesHarvest TextilesHarvest TextilesHarvest TextilesHarvest TextilesHarvest Textiles


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2 Responses to Harvest

  1. Kat says:

    Delicious! Have vowed to start saving to go to all of their workshops before I die! What an amazing business and beautiful aesthetic! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Their colours and prints are divine I agree. Love their work!