Artisan Pops

Yup. Freaking LUSCIOUS!!! These are Liana Raine popsicles and they have amazing flavours like Pineapple + Chilli, Apricot Melba, Boysonberry Cream + Cheese Ripple and Blueberry Basil. Heaven on a stick?
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3 Responses to Artisan Pops

  1. Aroha says:

    Blueberry basil -sounds perfect for this arvo. Where can I get one?

    • julia says:

      Dear Aroha…sorry but unless you live in Aussie you are outta luck. Perhaps skip down to the Brighton shops and hit some old school hokey pokey ? 🙂

      • Aroha says:

        Got 2 scoops of boysonberry for old times. I’m going to try to make my own lime and mint (and tequila?) pops the next time its hot.