Much like that Gorman babe above, I sort off feel on the offensive to the year out there. My annual scan of ALL magazine “year a head” astrology forecasts definitely doesn’t have me in the excited state as I was last year. A little rocky, a little difficult, a little ” you will have to button down in March”…argh. Obviously due to the lack of potential boyfriends and lotto wins written in those star signs I am moving back to being the maker of my own destiny. First things first…I can’t get by without acknowledging the fact that I am healthy and happy and lucky to call a little slice of heaven home. I salute to all that. Thanks to whatever helps me have those things.
But moving right along….I am getting an electric toothbrush. Secondly? my room is going to reflect the mature 30 years that have hung around this planet (not the 15 year old I slump to when faced to cleaning) And thirdly ( I think three is plenty at this fragile early point) I want to get “talking” to those of you that read Studio Home. I KNOW you do cos I see you flick through on the stats….but I want to hear your thoughts on posts, products, art, the fashion picks that I sometimes regret posting. Anything. Talk to me. I know you can do it. And that will mean I am a third of the way to dominating my years resolutions xoxo
So….what are yours?

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8 Responses to hello?

  1. Cassandra says:

    Is it coincidence that one of my resolutions (if you can call it that – b/c I don’t really make them since I break them so much!) is to develop better relationships across the blogosphere? 🙂 I have to admit – I’m mostly a lurker here. My blog-following list has grown a ton over this last year so I’ve had trouble maintaining any real good relationships. But new year, new goals, right?

    So hi there! And here’s to making good on good intentions!

  2. resolutions smesolutions
    2012 is gonna be great!
    I am moving house to sunny frankton in less than a week, I am going to start putting more work out and entering competitions, plus I am going to find a charity along the line of cure kids (if they are keen – haven’t asked them yet) and find out if I can donate family portrait sessions to families who are putting all their resources into looking after a sick child.
    There they are out in public, let’s hope that helps make them for real 🙂

  3. Diane says:

    I’m a fairly new reader, so in the spirit of connectivity and 2012 goals, I thought I’d say hi and that I’m loving the blog!

  4. Flyn says:

    Wow Julia. I’m really impressed with your new year’s resolution and putting it out there. I discovered your blog about 6 months ago and i’m a real fan of your work, so much so that you inspired me to give the blogging world a go myself… so thank you! It’s a big step to put yourself out there for everyone to scrutinise but hopefully we can do it together!!