Holiday Road

Natalie Jeffcott - Holiday RoadI have a long held dream to criss-cross the USA in car and these eerie images by Australian photographer Natalie Jeffcott just confirm it. Documenting her family road trip she captured the neglected and often decaying urban landscape that they passed on the way and has pulled her photography into a collection called Holiday Road which will be exhibiting at the 107 Projects as part of the Head On Photography Festival in Sydney in May. I think it is spooky and a bit beautiful all at once and if you are cruising Sydney next month I would definitely suggest dropping by.

Natalie Jeffcott - Holiday RoadNatalie Jeffcott - Holiday RoadNatalie Jeffcott - Holiday Road


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One Response to Holiday Road

  1. Hayley says:

    These are fantastic! I have a predilection for all things so bright and American that they end up being totally surreal and kind of creepy.