Holy Godfather!!!

Here’s a nice little creative whirlwind of a find for you! Little Gonzales (a.k.a….little gonzales) is a Sydney based creator of much and many. His website describes him best:

“Little Gonzales is the source of many things that fall under the large banner of design/art/fashion/music. Little Gonzales doesn’t like to be labelled, but if you wanted to try you could call him a graphic designer/illustrator/artist-type.

Little Gonzales makes artwork for posters, flyers, advertisements, albums, tshirts, merch and just about anything you could make art for (including art for art’s sake). He also likes to draw on the faces of his friends while they sleep.”

I love his “My heart is an apple” tees!!

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8 Responses to Holy Godfather!!!

  1. Kate says:

    Do you just trawl the internet looking at the good stuff, whilst the rest of us watch porn?

  2. Ju says:

    hahah!! Thats pretty much it…except I am a woman so I too can watch porn at the same time as trawling

  3. Similar Simian says:

    I create inovative baked goods while watching porn.

    You got nothin.

  4. Sarah says:

    Love the mittens!

  5. Little Gonzales says:

    Thanks guys!

    I totally wish I could bake, let alone do it while watching porn.

    I think simian wins!

  6. Kate says:

    Simian’s always showing off.
    I’m planning a trip to NZ just to watch him cook baked goods whilst watching innovative porn.
    i would not partake in any of baked goods as that would be dirty.
    Julia you are the epitome of multi tasking woman, I am epitome of multi tsking woman. Tsk Tsk.

    Gonzales, your work rocks!

  7. Similar Simian says:

    I can’t help it. It’s the monkey in me.

    (not to be taken literally)