home on the range

I just wanted to share a few pics from the 4 days I had away over Easter in North Canterbury (about 5 hours north of Wanaka where I live) It was just such a nice getaway home to spend time with old friends and my parents that I almost felt a little homesick heading back down South!

I hope you guys all had an awesome break. I’d love to know where you escape to?
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2 Responses to home on the range

  1. Looks like a lovely time! We escaped up to Mapua for 6 days from Christchurch. Managed 2 wonderful markets, lots of antique shopping and tons of relaxing. – gorgeous sunny days, must post up my photos too!

  2. lisa day says:

    Would have loved to have got away, unfortunately the car broke down! Made the most of the good weather, explored our local area and had a great time.