Homecoming Friday

Reading Nirimi’s blog definitely feels like I am peeping into her diary and I kind of get a weird guilty feeling… but her words and images are so beautiful and by blogging I  think she is happy sharing them.

1. FLOX and Michel Tuffery joined a team of artists who created some bilboard sized artwork on the shores of my town Lake Wanaka for biennial Festival of Colour. Check out the pics on Flox’s blog.

2. The sweet and gorgeous jewellery of Imogen Wilson.

3.  The latest gorgeous interior from our favourite girls at Material Creative.

4.  Lovely new Wellington based label; Sunday.

5. One day I will have a huge big bed head like one of these!

6. Delishimo looking homemade hot cross buns and how to make your own here at the Mondegreen blog!

As you read this I will be at my parents home in North Canterbury.  They are in the midst of planning an incredible trip to Turkey which I will fill you in on a little later. There’s nothing quite like being at home, with the fire on, Mum giving me a kiss good night while I have a cat cramping my sleeping style and just the easiness that comes with being the kid in a house again.

Wonder what you guys are doing for your Easter weekend? Always so cool to hear stories from your part of the world.

xo Ju

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