Hunting for George

OOhhh I have had this one tucked away for over a month! But what better a time (mid winter!) to unleash the gorgeous place that Lucy Glade-Wright called home for a month while working on a new range for her awesome site Hunting for George. Man oh man…I can barely imagine how damn brilliant it all must be in Bali…

WHAT: I usually call Melbourne home but decided to spend the month of May living in Indonesia. With just enough work to satisfy the tax man, I spent the rest of the time working on my tan as well as a few other side projects.

WHERE: Indonesia. Working from Kuta but living in Bingin, a small surf break on the southern tip of Bali.

WHO: My man and I. Both with our own brands, blogs and businesses… Jonno’s a freelance marketer, web geek and surf pirate and I’m the creative director at Hunting For George and Freelance Art Director, Designer and Stylist at

DESCRIPTION: We usually muck around and get samples made up whilst we’re in Kuta. I got stuck into screen-printing some patterns for cushions whilst Jonno was dieing his own boardshorts. In between that we ate Matty Preston’s weight in rice and tempeh at Masakan Padang, which is buffet style street food served from individual plates in a glass cabinet. Bali has the best food ever! (but if you don’t eat carbs then turn back now). Down south in Bingin, through a cow paddock and at the bottom of a steep cliff lay our modest little thatched hut that we called home. We had a bed, mosquito net and toilet. Which is pretty much all you need but it did cause us to go a little crazy at times, so we spent a lot of time outside on the balcony overlooking the surf. It was great to get back to basics without many posessions, simple food and a slower pace of life. Although in saying that I’m now back working infront of my computer, watching a movie on tv and facebooking on my iphone all at the same time.

(I’m coming next time LUUUCCYYY!!!)

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