I expected better

By far the BEST part of having my own blog is meeting super nice and interesting people who know super talented and clever people! I am in Dunedin at the moment for work (day job…arghh) and went for a quick skip round the shops while on lunch. Lucky for me I nipped up the steps to Dunedin icon, Slick Willy’s and got chatting to Amy who not only got me up to date on some cutting edge jewellery brands but introduced me to the work of her boyfriend, artist Tim Chapman. Turns out that Tim’s obvious talent hasn’t gone un noticed and he has been invited to take part in the most recent exhibition with Monster Children in Sydney. Yup. Kind of a big deal. I’m just gutted it will be packed up and over before I get there at the end of next month. Enjoy Tim’s work and check out his tumblr where you can see more as well as the cool images where he finds inspiration.

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One Response to I expected better

  1. Jessie says:

    I went to one of his exhibitions a few years back in Wellington -was really good!