I’m back-bring it on 2011!!

Back in Wanaka from an incredible couple of weeks with family and friends spreading the love from Ashley, Hanmer Springs, the Marlborough Sounds and all the way back to Wanaka again! But I get to return from all that beauty above to simply keep the summer pumping at home! Its not hard to see why we choose to live in this small lakeside town in the mountains…..below is a pic by Camilla Stoddart of last weekend Wanaka style!

So this year I have decided will be significant in it’s all round brilliance!! (that by the way has already been suggested by the “cancer” star sign in the Marie Claire mag…so MUST be true!) And while I will be extreemly busy with ticking off some specific goals before I am switching into 30 mode ( its not like they are new goals…I’ve only had 29 years to attack them!!) I can assure you that the goodness will be leaking through to Studio Home. We will bring you MORE giveaways, more inspirational talent and hopefully more excuses to sift off on a wee internet trawl amid boring work!! Thanks for visiting, wouldn’t be worth even spending time on this site if I didn’t know that there were a bucketful plus some of great people interested in the same stuff as me!

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One Response to I’m back-bring it on 2011!!

  1. tiffany says:

    beautiful wanaka!
    we were there! we actually did a 5 day tiki tour of the south island, too little time.
    loved loved the area around takaha.
    there is no blue like nz blue!