Inkster Maken

Inkstermaken: Factory Pendant
I’ve been stalking designer Hugh Altschwager and his beautiful lighting brand; Inkster Maken for a good wee while now. It’s one thing to look at and appreciate the clean but tactile quality of his collection; but it’s another to then consider the fact that each light is made by hand in Melbourne out of South Australian limestone.
Makes them all just a little bit more special I think! He has a great story and a creative business with momentum! Seriously look forward to seeing what more will come.

It’s a hard choice…but for my dream house.. it would be a couple of the Factory Pendants I think.

Inkstermaken: Flashlight and Inkster pendantsInkstermaken: Factory PendantInkstermaken: Funnel and Vader pendants Inkstermaken designer: Hugh Altschwager

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