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I’ve developed a fairly major love for instagram and its constant flow of inspiring visual food. I have also been really surprised at not only its ability to connect me with so many new and exciting creatives but also lots of new readers from all over the world. So I thought I would share with you my current favourites that I follow from New Zealand and Australia. As I was pulling this together there were sooooo many more I realised I could include!
Please feel free to recommend others in the comments below!

Stephanie Somebody InstagramStephanie Somebody – A Melbourne based styling and creative GENIUS!!!! (also part of the dream team of teachers with The School where she shares her instagram knowledge…more on this coming soon!)

Jim Pollard InstagramJim Pollard – A Queenstown based photographer who shares dramatic shots from the majestic region he calls home.

MISO InstagramMISO – a prominent and well respected Melbourne based artist who also shares the little home made tattoos that she trades with friends.

Natasha Mead InstagramNatasha Mead – an Auckland based graphic designer and front end developer who has a feed full of beautiful, moody still lifes.

Colin Boy InstagramColin Boyd – a relentless adventurer Colin will take you into the wilds of NZ where he spends half his year and then who knows! This year we’ve seen Japan, South America and the States…

Hello Emilie InstagramHello Emilie – this Sydney based designer/maker will blow your mind at the potential for smart phone photography and styling. Love it.

Emma Leonard InstagramEmma Leonard – I just can’t get enough of the virtual peeps over this artists shoulder as she posts progress updates of her work.

Kit & Nancy InstagramKit & Nancy – an amazing and sometimes hard to believe (it really is that quaint and fairytale-esque at times!!) feed from a Brisbane born and now Rotterdam based creative.

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12 Responses to Insta Love

  1. Laura says:

    you are too lovely. dankjewel for the shout out, am a big fan of your blog! xx

  2. Megan McKean says:

    Great round up! So many lovely Instagram feeds!

  3. Ed says:

    Beautiful collection Julia, Colin Boyd’s image looks like my neck of the woods!
    Hope you are having a great week.
    love Ed x

    • julia says:

      Thanks Ed! And yes ! I agree it definitely looks like its from your neck of the woods!
      Are you on instagram? I would definitely follow you
      Hope you are well

      • Ed says:

        Ooooh dear you may have noticed I have got less active on the old blog scene in the past wee while…family life and work taking over, which is cool but short story, due also, to my very poor technical skills (computer illiterate!!!) no I am not on instagram but I will work on it (I may need counselling!!@@##*).
        anyways sorry to babble on your blog as always is stunning!
        goodness there are some amazing kiwis and aussies out there!
        take care
        Ed x

        • julia says:

          For Instagram you just need a smartphone and an internet connection. Take the pics and then post. I would LOVE to see what you see on a daily basis!! xoxox You can DO IT!

  4. Ed says:

    Oh Ju you are such a wee darling!! Thank you I didn’t mean for you to have to council me …it was more a mental health issue really!!!!!
    have a small hurdle to get over before I give instagram a go and that is (I have to whisper this…) I don’t own a smart phone!!! (only just got a cell phone a year ago!!! we actually don’t have coverage in which is no biggie really, it makes life a little quiet but we do have good broad band they swung in the fibre optic cable under our powerlines…yay!) but I will work on it…thanks as always you are a Gem!
    have a great day
    love ed x

  5. Colin Boyd says:

    Thanks for the shout out Julia! Your blog is looking dope!

  6. Emma says:

    some amazing ‘grams here!

    some that i really love are . …


  7. Phoebe says:

    Yay for Instagram making connections 😉
    Thanks for a few new feeds to add. X

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