iThink iWant an ipad!!

On my constant search for cheap housing solutions (cos that is my reality and will be for some time to come I think!!!) I keep coming back to the awesome ipad. This concept has been round for a couple of years and comes from the same architectural mind that gave us the bachkit…equally brilliant modular housing solutions. Andre Hodgskin is the creator and is constantly addressing the need to provide housing solutions based on great design, light footprint on the land and reallly reallly are actually truly affordable!! Check out the site for the endless floorplan options and be prepared to feel very tempted.

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One Response to iThink iWant an ipad!!

  1. jeff says:

    very smart… I want one first. I am greedy. I am a boy.

    check out the illy coffee cart/shop/thing… the one that looks like a shipping container. much the same square shape design. I think them both.