It’s all on!

On Wednesday I make the trip to NYC for what I am sure is going to be an awesome urban adventure. After my two days of blog enlightenment at The Blogcademy I will be spending the entire next week exploring the city and her boroughs, weeding out a collection of creative kiwis and aussies who are hunting success. I am REALLY excited about the series of interviews I have called “Fly the Coop: NYC”  and hope that you will find them as inspiring as I am sure I will. Australians and New Zealanders have something engrained in their brain which gives them the need and courage to venture off from the homeland and see what is out there. I’m excited to see what is motivating those NYC transplants!


Luckily for me this kind of connecting is something that some of our local creative brands find super interesting and positive. And it’s three kiwi based businesses in particular that said “Hey Ju! We’d like to help you make this happen!”
So without further a do I would like to introduce you to the NYC partners!

You would have to have been very absent from Studio Home to have missed my posts on Citta Design and endemicworld over the years. I have been having a love affair with both them which has become evident in my crammed house!
Citta Design produces the best range of NZ designed homewares hands down! They are no strangers to travelling, with their annual adventures to some of the worlds most vibrant cities in search of inspiration for their collections.

Endemicworld have been linked to Studio Home since our very beginnings in 2008 and it’s been exciting to see their online concept grow and morph to suit their customers. With a re focus this year, they are now hunting out and stocking awesome art from all over the globe!

Triumph & Disaster is a newish kiwi based brand producing beautiful, high quality grooming products and tools. For the NYC trip we are doing a little instagram project  where I will snap interesting faces of those I meet and post with the hashtag: #triumphanddisasterNYC. If you are keen to follow you will see the feed on my blog here and on my instagram which you can follow : @studiohome

Let the adventure begin!!

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6 Responses to It’s all on!

  1. Ju B says:

    Ju! Your life is so exciting!!! Go you amazing thing! Would love to see you when you pass through Chch if you have spare time, Ju B.

  2. Jo says:

    Your site is my Christmas and birthday wish list (for the next decade!) all rolled into one. It’s delicious! Thank you.

  3. Paula Costello says:

    Hey Julia! Have been meaning to contact you and wish you congrats and happy travels for your trip to NYC! It is going to be amazing! LOVE nyc and can’t wait to experience it again through the updates from your time there. Have fun! Paula

  4. Katrina says:

    So excited for you and can’t wait to read all about it!

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