It’s our birthday and we’ll have wine if we want to!!

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7 Responses to It’s our birthday and we’ll have wine if we want to!!

  1. Taybian Design says:

    Happy birthday!!!
    Love love love your work!

  2. esta sketch says:

    Happy birthday! To two wonderful, inspiring years 🙂

  3. Fancy! New Zealand Design Blog says:

    Congratulations Julia! I still love reading your blog and check my reader for new posts every day. If I had my own home (saving, saving…) and a nice budget I'd get YOU to style it! I just posted something on Fancy! that references Studio Home Creative again.
    Enjoy this milestone and have that wine!

  4. carina says:

    happy birthday, and happy new year!!!

  5. Sarah says:

    Love your work hon, a little ray of sunshine in my day xx

  6. Jessica says:

    Happy birthday! Have loved reading your blog over the last year or so and will continue to enjoy for *fingers crossed* many more years! x

  7. Munted kowhai says:

    happy birthday Ju!!!!
    keep on trucking studio home