Jeremy Wortsman

I am a not so in-the-closet stalker of The Jacky Winter Group in Melbourne. I cruise their ranks of artists, wish I could go to their seemingly constant stream of new events or exhibitions and just generally get pretty inspired by a company which gives creative souls the opportunity to make some real money through work with big business. Jeremy Wortsman is Mr Jacky Winter and runs a workplace that is both creative AND packed with these gorgeous characters. I love the quirk.

WHO: Jeremy Wortsman, Director of  The Jacky Winter Group and associated enterprises

WHERE: The shots are from my office at JW Headquarters at The Compound Interest in Collingwood, Malbourne.

WHAT: These are some of the things that I look at every day. I very much love having little trinkets all around my space. If you’re going to be in one place for 8-12 hours a day, you better be comfortable and inspired.

DESCRIPTION: I’ve included photos of my surrogate son Levi (Yes, he is full grown. No, he is not a baby whippet, he is an Italian Greyhound). My incredible terrarium from Miniscapes .  A letterpress print of the New York State Bird to remind me of home from Dutch Door Press, and an original Radio Shack Executive Decision Maker from Ebay. A gift from one of my artists, Clemens Habicht, which is a modified baseball that is smiling one way, and frowning the other way. On top of my monitor rests a rubber reproduction of some fecal matter, plus a Hot Wheels New York Islanders Zamboni. Behind me is a series of framed art, including one of my all-time favourite prints by Clifton Burt via 20×200. No over-inflated ego is complete without a personal set of Miniature Papparazi . This tote bag from The Strand is done by one of my favourite cartoonists, Seth, and hangs in front of a Bloomingdale’s brown bag. Love having reminders of home! Finally, I have some plush companion cubes hanging over my lamp. I don’t expect anyone except your most nerdiest of readers will pick up on that reference though. Picked up from think

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