Jim goes click!

I’ve been keen to share the images caught by my friend Jim with you guys for a while, but just wanted to wait til his newly formed photo blog was populated enough with goodness….the goodness is there folks.  Jim simply has a passion for photography, its not his job (although it could be) so I guess you would call it a well perfected hobby. He is based in the dramatic cradle of Queenstown where he share’s a gorgeous corner of Arthurs Point with his lovely wife Vicky (who took the top image of Jim), darling Charli, delicious wee Toby and the all important and faithful chocolate lab Moose.  Visiting Jim’s blog should give all of us with our own bubbling forms of creativity a good boost.  Art is everywhere.

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3 Responses to Jim goes click!

  1. Jim Pollard says:

    Thanks heaps Studio Home! Weird having my pics on display to the world, all ways been pretty personal. So super interesting learning about other people’s thoughts. No 2 people ever pick the same favourites.

  2. Wow, so many talented and creative peeps in wanaka!

  3. Anna says:

    Ju! I am loving the site, and the bigger pictures. looking fab xxxx