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One Percent Collective – How It Works from One Percent Collective on Vimeo.

I considered trying to take snippets out of the information below and explain the goodness and brilliance of the One Percent Collective in celebration of their launch tomorrow. But then…I watched the BRILLIANT video, read the info again and decided that it is all too perfectly put to mess with. Pat Shepherd has offered us all a realistic why to contribute to NZ and the causes in need.

The beginnings of a Kiwi giving evolution?

Is New Zealand set to become the most generous nation in the world? Last year Kiwis gave an estimated 2.67 billion to charitable and community causes – double what we gave in 2006. Globally, this makes us the second most generous country (as a share of GDP) in the world after America.

On November 16th One Percent Collective launches its charitable giving movement aimed at inspiring New Zealanders to give 1% of their income to help charities grow.
As founder Pat Shepherd explains, “One Percent Collective will begin to create an evolution in the way we give, by changing the perception that we need to give a huge chunk of our income to make a difference. Many people believe they cannot afford to donate to charity or doubt that their individual donations will make a dent. One Percent Collective shows them that each donation adds up to make a whole heap of difference.”

One Percent Collective works by signing up members who pledge to donate 1% of their income to charity. Registering online, members can choose one or more of six partner charities they wish to support and then split their 1% donation across the charities they choose. 100% of all One Percent Collective donations go directly to the partner charities.
The initiative is supported by some of New Zealand’s finest musical and artistic talent, including The Black Seeds, Flox, Warren Maxwell, Julia Deans and Barnaby Weir. Weir believes that there has never been a better time to launch a movement like this. “If we all do our bit we can make the world a better place for those who have nothing and no hope, no dreams. This will make a difference. We face challenging times. All we can do is get together to make real change.”

Advisory board members include Barnaby Weir, Starfish founder and fashion designer Laurie Foon, Rippon Festival director Lynne Christie, Managing Director of The Body Shop in New Zealand Barrie Thomas, CEO of jobs.co.nz Ben Irving, Entrepreneur and businesswoman Melissa Clark Reynolds.


And anyone in Wellington tomorrow night….this will most likely be a cracker of a party!! You can buy your tickets here

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