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Righto! After a short break we are resuming the exclusive series of interviews featuring the dream team that Megan Morton is bring over as part of The School NZ on 1-4 November.

Kara Rosenlund is a GREAT person to stalk online. I’m hooked into her Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, regularly being rewarded with a stream of beautiful and inspiring images that she has magicked up! A super talented photographer in her own right she then indulged her passion for interiors as a prop stylist in London. Now living back in Brisbane she continues to source and buy beautiful wares, selling them online and through her VERY gorgeous mobile pop-up shop; Frankie the caravan. 

Kara brings an international wealth of knowledge and innate sense of style with her to NZ to teach her Vignettes class. I highly recommend anyone with an interest in styling to check it out….better yet – this could be an unrivaled opportunity to learn how to style and shoot your own products!

Kara Rosenlund - The School NZKara Rosenlund - The School NZKara Rosenlund - The School NZKara Rosenlund - The School NZKara Rosenlund - The School NZKara Rosenlund - The School NZ


-What is your day job?
My day job on any given day can be many different things. I don’t just have one title, I’m a slashie. Photographer / Stylist / Buyer / Retailer / Caravanner / Old Fashion Adventurer.

Each day brings a new job title and with it different needs have to be met. I could be shooting an ad campaign or hunting down the perfect prop for a shoot. In between this I am constantly sourcing for my old wares business ‘Travelling Wares’ housed in my old 1956 vintage caravan called Frankie.

-What led you to do what you do?
I have always worked for myself as a photographer, so it was a natural progression to add more ‘add ons’ to the creative package so to speak.

-What are your favourite aspects of your chosen work?
That each day is entirely different and with it brings new challenges and goals. The thing I probably love the most is meeting new people. Whether it is someone I am photographing or someone who comes along to the Travelling Wares market, I love hearing their story and what inspires them.

-Tell us about your class you teach at The School?
My class at The School is called Vignette’s, which is basically another word for a still life. The class helps people to understand, breakdown and recognise a balanced still life image and covers how you too can create these at home, work or for social media.

-Who would it interest and why should I tell my friends to go?
Anybody and everybody would be interested in this class. In light of the current appetite for visuals with instagram, pinterest and more it is such a talent to be able to understand how to build a beautiful balanced image.

What we cover in the class is valuable information as it translates the language of images.

– To be purely nosey….can you share your top go-to spots online that you rove for inspiration?
Instagram, I’m addicted and love every moment of it – a visual feast.

Check out the rest of the interview series we have run so far on the The School team of teachers coming to NZ in November. Not to mention the amazing array of classes on offer!!

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