kester black giveaway !

Kester Black
Our lucky winners drawn at random are Jessica Whiting and Caitlin Perry.
Thanks to everyone who entered! Hope you found a favourite that you might just have to have in your life!

Attention nail polish addicts !
Kiwi born and Australian based polish misfits; Kester Black are helping keeping our heads up through the post holiday blues by offering up a damn good prize for TWO of you to win!!
(They have also done a little interview with me on their site today which may be of interest to procrastinators out there…..)

You can win the chance to pick your 5 favourite shades from the combined pool of both the Tropicana and Sweet Shop  collections!

To Enter:

– Visit the Kester Black website and choosing from the Tropicana and Sweet Shop collections, in the comments below tell us the 5 polishes you would like to win!

– A second entry by locating that image above on the Studio Home Facebook Page and commenting with your favourites below that too. (If you love KB like we do – then drop them a “like” too!)

Terms + Conditions:

-Sorry due to shipping rules – only open to NZ and Australian residents.
-Competition drawn at random next Wednesday the 29th of January.
-Winners will be announced here, on Facebook and emailed directly.
Kester Black - nail art by The Trophy Wife Kester Black - nail art by The Trophy Wife Kester Black - nail art by The Trophy WifeLiking all this cool nail art? They imagery shows Kester Black polish and the creative nail brains of The Trophy Wife. Check out their collaborative collection, book AND tutorials here.

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75 Responses to kester black giveaway !

  1. Claire says:

    Oh my goodness, amazing competition!
    The colours I like are: Buttercream, Papaya, Ice Cream Soda, Fairy Floss, Laguna.
    Fingers crossed 🙂

  2. delaney says:

    SO COOL! I want them all, but my top five picks are: bouganvillea, dragonfruit, fairyfloss, blueberry tart, and mai tai.

  3. carina says:

    Wow, they are beautiful!!! I would love to own: Bougainvillea, Dragonfruit, Parrot, Bubblegum, Tutti Frutti.

  4. Nancy says:

    Great giveaway! I’d like Dragonfruit, Buttercream, Peach Melba, Marshmallow and Fairy Floss.

  5. Jo Burey says:

    I love all the sensational colours…….especially Parrot and Laguna from the Tropicana range. While I also adore the Paradise Punch, Bubblegum and Tutti Frutti from the Sweet Shop range. xx

  6. Zoe Hogan says:

    paradise punch, tutti frutti, papaya, dragon fruit and laguna!

  7. Jessica says:

    Would be an awesome job coming up the nail polish names! Top five picks: Bougainvillea, Parrot, Mai Tai, Tutti Fruiti and Paradise Punch

  8. Georgia McVicar says:

    Dragon fruit, Parrot, Paradise Punch, Buttercream and Papaya! <3

  9. Caitlin says:

    Tutti Frutti, Peach Melma, Paradise Punch, Bubblegum and Papaya! The best kind of fruit salad!

  10. Laura says:

    !!! Ace giveaway !!!
    Fairy floss / dragonfruit / tutti frutti / parrot / peach Melba
    All crosssables are crossed x

  11. Di says:

    love, love, love the soft colours of bubblegum, fairy floss, peach melba, marshmallow, and that tutti fruiti is a perfect match for my fave top!

  12. Stephanie Gardner says:

    I am loving Fairy Floss, Blueberry Tart, Parrot, Bouganvillea & Paradise Punch <3 Great Giveaway & cute blog!

  13. Monika says:

    This is the best nail polish – I’m all about parrot, bougainvillea, fairy floss, bubblegum and paradise punch!

  14. Monica Daniel-Power says:

    Love the originality of the colours! My favourites are the papaya, bougainvillea, parrot, tutti fruitti, and paradise punch.

  15. Kelsey Feisst says:

    It is so hard to be picking just 5 of my favourite colours as I love all of the Kester Black polishes. But, my favourite 5 are….
    I would actually wear one of these per finger nail. Then I could wear all of my fav’s at the same time!

  16. Jennifer says:

    Amazing giveaway, Kester Black polishes are great! I would love Buttercream, Dragonfruit, Fairy Floss, Paradise Punch & Blueberry Tart to add to my collection x

  17. Joanne Fong says:

    Awesome colours and awesome names!
    I’d go for: cherry pie, tutti frutti, dragonfruit, bougainvillea and parrot!

  18. Shani McLean says:

    I lovvve Tutti Frutti!, Paradise Punch, Blueberry Tart, Fairy Floss & Bubblegum! Gorgeous names too!

  19. KATE BROADFOOT says:

    KB has the best colour range! My picks are Marshmallow, Buttercream, Paradise Punch, Fairy Floss, Bougainvillea

  20. Kelly Scott says:

    They all look amazing!! Dragonfruit, papaya, blueberry tart, mai tai, paradise punch, and peach melba

  21. Glenys Key says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous collection of colours! My 5 favouritees are 1. BLUEBERRY TART 2. BUBBLEGUM 3. BLUE RASPBERRY 4. PAPAYA 5. PARROT

  22. Louise says:

    Bougainvillea, papaya, parrot, marshmallow, peach melba

  23. Alexandra Holmes says:

    OMG! I LOVE Kester Black! My top faves from Tropicana & Sweet Shop are… Bougainvillea, DragonFruit, Fairy Floss, Paradise Punch and Cherry Pie! Beautiful colours that make me happy! 🙂

  24. Kris van de Water says:

    Awesome! They are all so kewl but I would pick: Laguna, Bougainvillea, Parrot, Blue Raspberry & Bubblegum

  25. Lucie Goudie says:

    Kester Black rules!! I love: Bougainvillea, Dragonfruit, Parrot, Paradise Punch and Buttercream!

  26. Libby Morgan says:

    Papaya / Butter cream / Bubblegum / Paradise punch

  27. Emily says:

    Dragonfruit, Paradise Punch, Blueberry Tart, Fairy Floss, Parrot

  28. Jay Louise says:

    So hard to choose so many beautiful colours but i narrowed it down to.. Bougainvillea, Laguna, Parrot, Buttercream and Fairy floss <3

  29. Shelley says:

    If i had to choose JUST 5, they would be: bubblegum, peach melba, buttercream (fave!), papaya and dragonfruit. xx

  30. Lauren Wepa says:

    I like: Dragonfruit, Parrot, Peach Melba, Tutti Frutti and Mai Tai. Would love these for Uni this year! 🙂

  31. James Allen says:

    Cool competition, would be awesome to get these for my girlfriend 🙂 Tutti Frutti, Parrot, Peach Melba, Dragonfruit and Mai Tai.

  32. Kim Miller says:

    I love: Laguna, Parrot, Cherry Pie, Blue Raspberry and Mai Tai

  33. Leslie Whitehead says:

    I really <3 Papaya , Bubblegum , Cherry Pie , Parrot and Buttercream

  34. Olivia Wallbank says:

    Oh what a cool giveaway 🙂 My faves are Peach Melba, Paradise Punch, Fairy floss, Bubblegum and Laguna 🙂

  35. Danelle says:

    Ohhhh I’m such a nail polish fiend!
    My favourites are: Bubblegum, Peach Melba, Paradise Punch, Bougainvillea and Laguna. Damn, they all look so good!

  36. Hannah says:

    Hmmm… in a bright mood today, so: Dragonfruit, Papaya, Parrot, Peach Melba, Mai Tai

  37. melody says:

    tutti frutti, mai tai, buttercream, blue raspberry and cherry please!!

  38. Sarah T says:

    Tough choice but I’d have to pick: Papaya, Bougainvillea, Buttercream, Peach Melba and Bubblegum.

  39. Stephanie Gainger says:

    Bougainvillea, Dragonfruit, Parrot, Fairy Floss, Cherry Pie

  40. Edie Olivier says:

    I like:
    1 Papaya
    2 Cherry Pie
    3 Mai Tai
    4 Paradise Punch
    5 Ice Cream Soda

  41. Olivia says:

    Bubblegum, buttercream, paradise punch, peach melba and dragonfruit x

  42. Marta P says:

    Want so bad!!!
    Have been drooling over –
    Peach Melba
    Cherry Pie
    Mai Tai
    and Laguna <3

  43. Oh WOW
    Love the Sweet Shop range by the looks of my choices. Buttercream, Mai Tai, Peach Melba, Fairy Floss, Tutti Frutti!

  44. Millie says:

    Bougainvillea, Dragonfruit, Parrot, Cherry Pie and Blueberry Tart 🙂

  45. Desaree says:

    So much prettiness but top 5 are: papaya, parrot, mai tai, blue raspberry & buttercream.

  46. Liv says:

    great giveaway! my picks are: blueberry tart, bubblegum, dragonfruit, laguna & mai tai!

  47. Renee says:

    Peach Melba, Paradise Punch, Fairy Floss, Marshmellow & Dragonfruit 🙂

  48. Fran says:

    LOVE!! So hard to pick! But…Buttercream / Bubblegum / Fairy Floss / Ice Cream Soda/ Tutti Frutti are pretty awesome.

  49. Oh wowsers! I have a long standing love affair with Kester Black, I love their jewellery! I’d have to pick fairy floss, peach melba, paradise punch, dragon fruit and blue raspberry. You have NO idea how hard that was! Already like them on FB and will leave a comment on your post too! Keep up the great work Julie, love it xx

  50. damn auto correct! Julia! Sorry love xx

  51. Ruby says:

    i rather fancy:


  52. Kelly Brown says:

    I LOVE Kester Black nail polish! I would be delighted to win Buttercream, Fairy Floss, Paradise Punch (already own and am running out fast!), Blueberry Tart, and Tutti Frutti <3

    Please continue to make these wonderful collections xo

  53. Teresa L. says:

    My lovely 5 are: blueberry tart, bubblegum, ice cream soda, peach melba and marshmallow!

  54. Megan McKean says:

    Ooh la la! What a fun giveaway! I’d go for all the ones from the Sweet Shop! Cherry Pie, Fairy Floss, Ice Cream Soda, Peach Melba and Buttercream. They’re all so beautiful, it’s hard to pick! x

  55. Tracey says:

    Thank you for introducing me to KB! So pretty! I would love to rock out…Peach Melba, Bubblegum, Mai Tai, Dragonfruit & Bougainvillea xo

  56. nanni mcfii says:

    ooh my faves to win would have to be, Laguna, Parrot, Fairy Floss, Tutti Frutti, Blue Raspberry

  57. Liz says:

    Ohh fabulous lush colours – I would totally love: Paradise punch, Bouganvillea, Parrot, Bubblegum and Mai Thai.

    Nothing like fun nails to make you smile at a bad day at work 🙂

    thanks for KB nails and SH for this fab competition.

  58. Emily Stacey says:

    The Sweet Shop collection is so gorgeous! I’d love the Peach Melba, Marshmallow, Fairy Floss, Bubblegum and Icecream Soda. Ah that was so hard to choooose! Thanks KB and SH, you guys are fab xxx

  59. Teresa says:

    Wow, gorgeous. Been meaning to check these guys out. I would love Laguna, Bougainvillea, Bubblegum, Paradise Punch, and Mai Tai.

  60. Lyn Needham says:

    Coolies Kester Black, love your line of Nail Polishes, my favourites are

    Paradise Punch and
    Tutti Frutti, hmm I love the tropical theme that’s going on here, bright and beautiful!!

    I’m happy to see that these are non toxic and follow the “Five Free Formula” principal, now I can share with my lovely daughter and she can look as fantastic as me wearing these lovely nail polishes, Thanks Studio Home and Kester Black for an awesome giveaway

  61. Tricia Macfarlane says:

    My picks are buttercream, maitai, peach Melba, fairy floss, and tutti frutti.
    All gorgeous.

  62. Leyna Dosch says:

    Ahhh too hard to choose but 1. Bougainvillea 2. Buttercream 3. Fairyfloss 4. Blueberry Tart and 5. Tutti Frutti. Great Competition xo

  63. Sally B says:

    Lovely yummy colours, I’d pick papaya, dragonfruit, ice-cream soda, peach melba and bubblegum. S pretty, just what I need. Thank you. X

  64. Lauren Macfarlane says:

    gorgeous colours! blue raspberry, buttercream, mai tai, peach melba, and tutti frutti, awesome comp!

  65. Aya says:

    Bougainvillea, Parrot, Cherry Pie, Mai Tai, Ice Cream Soda <3

  66. Amelia says:

    Yummy! Bougainvillea, parrot, paradise punch, cherry pie, bubblegum

  67. Julia says:

    Oh my, I’m utterly smitten with the Tropicana range… so if I had to choose 5, they’d definitely be: Bougainvillea, Dragonfruit, Laguna, Papaya and Parrot! ♥♥♥♥♥ xx

  68. Natalie says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Peach Melba, Paradise Punch, Blue Raspberry, Fairy Floss & Tutti Frutti xxx

  69. Alicia says:

    My little girlies and I would love to own:

    Paradise Punch
    Fairy Floss

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  70. Jessica says:

    Love the colors and i need a new batch of nail polish to make my nails beautiful. I chose these colors.

    Tutti Frutti
    Fairy Floss

    Thanks for the chance to win. xx

  71. Rachel says:

    *tutti frutti
    *dragon fruit
    Please XX

  72. Neave Griffin says:

    My favourites are Laguna, Mai tai, Butter cream, Peach Melba, and Papaya.


  73. Leana Buxton says:

    Bougainvillia, bubblegum, fairyfloss, dragonfruit and paradise punch… thanks so much for introducing me to them, such unique colours! xx

  74. Tina Subo says:

    Ooh! Fairy floss, dragon fruit, bougainvilla, cherry pie, tutti frutti. Yum!

  75. Ash says:

    oooo! hope i’m not too late.
    Papaya, Parrot, Blueberry Tart, Peach Melba and Tutti Frutti
    (but only if i HAD to chose just 5)