Kiwi concoction of culture and art

I have posted about Rona Ngahuia Osborne and her fabric design biz Native Agent before…but am all inspired once again by using some of her gorgeous new range in the Heart Foundation Lottery House.
I was just reading through the description of what she does on Clever Bastards and felt that I probably couldn’t convey the deep history and culture in her art better than this:

“The original ‘Native Agents’ were fluent Maori speakers employed by the Crown to assist Maori with land transactions and other matters of law. Woollen blankets were common items of trade between European settlers and Maori, so it is fitting that they form the foundation for many of Rona’s works. She adorns them with layers of shape, colour and emblems in a reminder of whakapapa – layers of family history.”

“Rona’s pieces are rich in symbolism, and she manifests a respect for New Zealand’s past in rare and special contemporary forms. Recurring icons of historic trading include muskets, hei tiki, cloaks and feathers. Other emblems embroidered onto the works reflect the natural world of maunga (mountains), manu (birds) and plants such as harakeke (flax).”
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2 Responses to Kiwi concoction of culture and art

  1. Uncle Beefy says:

    Oh these are ffffantastic! I especially love the last pillow with the bird crest. Homespun and sophisticated at the same time! Well done 🙂

  2. layersofmeaning says:

    wow! i love these pillows!