Last stop….

Cruising through my bookmarks….my many many thousands of bookmarks…I came across the PrintDolls link and thinking it was something else, I clicked on it. I was pleasantly surprised! While it wasn’t the pillowcase site I was after, it WAS the new updated site of this great little design company based in Sydney. Now I know that some people have VERY strong opinions on bus blinds…but I really like them. I think they are a way to bring strong, graphic AND artistic text into your space and are even cooler if you live OR have lived in the areas mentioned!!
Check out Alice and Marika’s great range of local stops.

“The spark for PrintDolls was their first range ‘All Stops To… ‘, inspired by vintage destination blinds originating from old buses, trams & trains. After discovering Alice had been seeking ways to reproduce an original for herself, Marika offered to recreate one as a belated wedding gift. During the process of design, the idea to personalise the artwork to their local area, Avalon, emerged. They both fell in love with the concept and imagined others would too.”

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One Response to Last stop….

  1. Shannon Fricke says:

    Hi Ju,
    Thanks for this post – even thought these prints are a little everywhere I still think they are divine – and love the Print Doll site too.