Laura O’Connor

Laura O'Connor at endemicworld.comOhhhh I did a wee fist pump when I stumbled across the work of Laura O’Connor on endemicworld yesterday! Yes – new artist crushes are pretty much what I live for!
With a background in illustration, graphic design and animation, Laura has recently returned back to NZ after freelancing in Australia.
I am well and truly sold on her mix of pencil and digital tools on these portraits. Sold.

Laura O'Connor at Laura O'Connor at endemicworld.comLaura O'Connor at endemicworld.comLaura O'Connor at

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4 Responses to Laura O’Connor

  1. Ju B says:

    Love these!

  2. Caleb A says:

    Wow! Beautiful illustrations!

  3. Eve Young says:

    Lovely portraits! x

  4. Thanks for introducing her! Beautiful works! So inspiring.