Lauren and the Lost Boys

Lauren Webster
My roving photographer friend stumbled across the studio of young Sydney creative; Lauren Webster over a year ago – leaving one of my cards with her and promptly emailing me the links to Laurens website. Super proactive on her part! However, despite having her bookmarked to blog…it took us ages and then a well timed series of emails in the last few weeks to get this work in front of you!
Lauren has an incredibly recognisable,unique and fluid style that has seen her capture the attention and collaborate with jewellery, fashion and creative brands. My most favourite piece of recent work is the mural she did as part of her exhibition; Salty Sailor Lover at Metalab in Sydney.
You have GOT to watch the timelapse video below!

SALTY. SAILOR. LOVER. – Lauren Webster from Lauren Webster on Vimeo.

Lauren WebsterLauren WebsterLauren WebsterLauren WebsterLauren Webster

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